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Intentional Volume Two: Relationships (4 Part CD Series)
Price: $25.00

Whether it's within a marriage, between family members, friends, or professional colleagues, being intentional in our relationships is more than just a good idea; it's our Godly responsibility as believers. God intended for us to be relational; to need each other and cherish one another. Join Pastor Brady as she teaches in this 4 Part series the fundamental keys on how to be intentional in building and sustaining strong fulfilling relationships.
Fighting Fruitlessness (4 Part CD Series)
Price: $25.00

God commands us to be fruitful in every area of our lives.

This 4 part series will help you:

- Examine your soil - what type of soil do you have and How and When to sow your seed.
- Learn the power of agreement - you've gone as far as you can by yourself. Agreement is necessary to win the battle
- Explore the saboteurs of pride and anger and how to root them out of the soil of your life

Messages include:

The Seeds of Change
Fighting Anger
Fighting Pride
My Achan Heart - The Power of Agreement
Intentional Volume One: Leadership (CD)
Price: $25.00

The Life of a Worshiper: Volume II (CD)
Price: $20.00

In the highly anticipated second installment of the dynamic series,The Life of a Worshiper, Pastor Brady delves deeper into the characteristics of a real worshiper. Go with Pastor Brady as she ventures into the lives of several of the Bible's most prominent men and women of God. Volume 2 includes thought provoking messages that teach us about what it takes to develop the lifesyle of a worshiper. If you are ready for worship to become not just something you do on Sunday morning but something you live, then this powerful series is for you.

Included Messages:
1: A Worshiper's Sacrifice
2: The Worshiper's Submission
3: The Worshiper's River
The Life of a Worshiper: Volume One (CD)
Price: $20.00

Worship is not limited to an act we do on Sunday Morning, but is a lifestyle that we should practice on a daily basis. Go with Pastor Brady as she ventures into the lives of several of the Bible’s most prominent men and women of God. In this series, Pastor Brady will help you to understand that worship is not something you do, but it is something you live. She admonishes us to realize our original call is to be a worshiper and that we must become less self-conscience and more God-conscience. Volume One includes 3 powerful messages that will enlighten, empower and encourage you to live the Life of a Worshiper.

Included Messages:
1. The Worshiper’s Song
2. The Worshiper’s Heart
3. The Worshiper’s Peace
Woman Thou Art Loosed Collectors Edition (CD)
Price: $25.00

4 messages live from Woman Thou Art Loosed: Sovereign Secrets, A Place Called Shiloh, Until Raindrops Fall, You Have It In You
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