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It's a Positional Issue
Price: $5.99

Stress Management (MP3)
Price: $5.99

One In A Million (MP3)
Price: $5.99

The story of Noah doesn’t tell us of any amazing or supernatural gifts that he possessed in order to accomplish the extraordinary assignment of restarting the human race. But out of the one million people living in the earth at that time, God saw only one man that was worthy enough to fulfill such a mandate.

Join Pastor Brady as she reveals the key characteristics displayed throughout the example of Noah’s life that qualified him to be used by God is such an amazing way. This message will both inspire and challenge you to stand out like Noah as One In A Million.

Intentional Volume Two: Relationships (4 Part MP3 Series)
Price: $19.99

Whether it's within a marriage, between family members, friends, or professional colleagues, being intentional in our relationships is more than just a good idea;  it's our Godly responsibility as believers.  God intended for us to be relational;  to need each other and cherish one another.  Join Pastor Brady as she teaches in this 4 Part series the fundamental keys on how to be intentional in building and sustaining strong fulfilling relationships.
Fighting Fruitlessness (4 Part MP3 Series)
Price: $19.99

God commands us to be fruitful in every area of our lives.

This 4 part series will help you:

- Examine your soil - what type of soil do you have and How and When to sow your seed.
- Learn the power of agreement - you've gone as far as you can by yourself. Agreement is necessary to win the battle
- Explore the saboteurs of pride and anger and how to root them out of the soil of your life

Messages include:

The Seeds of Change
Fighting Anger
Fighting Pride
My Achan Heart - The Power of Agreement
The Advantage of Gentleness (MP3)
Price: $5.99

In today's culture, the words gentleness and meekness has become synonyms of the word weakness.  When in actuality, it's having strength under control.  It truly takes a strong person to be gentle.  Join Pastor Brady as she expounds on the principle and the promise given in Matthew 5:5 that says, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth".  Take notes as she delivers several keys that will help unlock every door that belongs to you.  When you embrace the principle of gentleness, you can embrace the promise of your inheritance.
Intentional Volume One: Leadership (3 Part MP3 Series)
Price: $13.99

Love on Another Level (MP3)
Price: $5.99

The story of Hosea and Gomer is one of the world’s greatest love stories, however it’s nothing like an ordinary love. Join Pastor Brady as she journey’s through the extraordinary love story of the Prophet Hosea and his steadfast love for his adulterous wife Gomer. As the scandalous story unravels you’ll quickly begin to see the comparable characteristics in the same unending love that the Father has for you. This story exudes the perfect depiction of God’s merciful, redemptive, pure unconditional love; A Love on Another Level.

The Case of a Stolen Identity (MP3)
Price: $5.99

If you’ve ever encountered fraudulent activity or any other form of identity theft, you know first-hand how helpless, vulnerable and violated you’re left feeling. Your identity has been contaminated, corrupted or possibly erased. Trying to reclaim what’s left after the rubble and ruins would be a very scary and exhausting experience. You may not realize it, but this is exactly what the enemy desires to do to you. He wants to contaminate, corrupt, and ultimately erase your true identity in Christ.

In this powerful message Pastor Brady equips you with the tools on how to daily safeguard your identity in Christ so that you can confidently walk in the purpose and destiny God has called you to; keeping the plans and tricks of the enemy under your feet where they belong.

Peace Under Pressure (MP3)
Price: $5.99

Don’t allow pressures of life to rob you of your peace. Pressure is the inevitable however it is manageable when you take it all to the Lord, who is the Prince of Peace!

Join Pastor Brady as she explores the events that unfolded in the last days of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; how He was able to peacefully persevere during the confusing, chaotic events that led up to Calvary. You may not think it’s possible to do everything you need to do in the midst of what you’re facing, but you can. This message will prepare you and empower you with principles on how to have “Peace Under Pressure.”

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